Spring Wholefoods Wellness Pep Rally

Spring Wholefoods Wellness Pep Rally

25th Nov 2018

A night to celebrate our rebranding journey!

We put together a night to share the excitement of our new packaging over food, drinks and talks on November 13th at The Well Bondi. We were thrilled to host 50 guests along with 7 speakers, talking about all things wellness and holistic living.

Here is some food for thoughts from our speakers to takeaway from the night!

Radley Spring
Director of Spring Wholefoods


Radley proudly shared the story behind Spring Wholefoods. As an former elite athlete, he always made his own nutritious foods to support his training. He came to realise that there was none available on the market so he started sharing his sprouted bread to his friends, personal training clients and then the local cafes.

“I wanted to add perfect nutrition to my lifestyle, 

then I realised I needed to get my deliciously nutritious foods to more people!”

Ever since, he is dedicated to developing handmade, nutrient-packed treats using the highest quality ingredients. His customers’ optimum health and wellbeing remain his guiding principle despite living in a world of highly-processed and nutritionally-empty foods.

Lee Holmes
Author of the best-selling Supercharged Food series

Lee shared how she used food as medicine to overcome an autoimmune disease, which led her to be so passionate about gut health. She explained the basic blocks of good gut health and how a healthy gut is vital to a balanced life. Speaking of all the delicious recipes she created in her book, Lee says

“Cultivating good gut health doesn’t mean we need to compromise on health or taste.”

She also spoke about how her trip to India has changed her values and perception on reality forever, her greatest takeaway was to be able to sink knee-deep in learning about how to eat right for our body constitution.

Tegan Haining
Celebrity Trainer, Author of The 7 Day Quickie

As the trainer of A-list celebrities such as David Beckham, Lara Stone and Jess Gomes, Tegan spoke about how exercise is actually a stress on the body and how people often mistakenly believe that the longer they exercise, the more benefits they will get. It is worthwhile to think about what kind of stress are we putting on our body and mind from training on top of the pressures from our daily lives.

“The propensity for injury is so much higher when you're constantly smashing your body. 

You want to have that balance where you can keep training for life.”

So if we fully load our plates, along with a lack of sleep, pressure from work and relationships and then a high intensity training class, all these could be the reasons why we are not reaching our health goals!

Peta Shulman
Founder of GoodnessMe Box

Peta shared her journey of how she came up with the idea for the health foods subscription business after she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease and started looking for a way to improve her diet.

She was told that she had to be in hospital once a month for the rest of her life. Scary enough, she met another doctor who advised her to steer away from any artificial and processed food from her diet.

“ I just started eating real food and it was at that point where 

I started discovering all these cool products in the health food market.”

With a background in marketing and PR in the health industry, she quickly realised there were heaps of great health products people didn’t know about so she decided to build GoodnessMe Box as a platform to promote these brands and turned it into a huge success.

Sam Webb
Actor, Co-founder of LIVIN

Sam revealed the heartbreaking reason he started the mental health organisation LIVIN - it was founded in honour of his best friend who suffered from a mental illness and took his own life four years ago.

“Don’t underestimate the power of asking if someone is okay.”

Livin's motto is "It ain't weak to speak", but Sam wants to remind people that while it's not weak to speak, it's also not weak to listen. He stressed that while it's always important to ask questions, actually listening is the most important thing we can do for each other.

Gemma Davis
Naturopath, Author of The Compassionate Kitchen

Gemma is very passionate about helping people eat well and live healthier cruelty-free lives through her blog The Compassionate Road and her plant-based cookbook The Compassionate Kitchen.

Gemma shared her journey from being a runway model to becoming a naturopath - and the vegan diet she swears by for good health and for the environment. Working as a teenage model she was told to stay skinny I should eat lollies and carrots. After living that lifestyle for a period, she felt terrible and promised herself never again.

“It was at that time that I discovered what was going on behind 

closed doors in factory farms after reading Animal Liberation.”

Gemma then decided to change her ways, and her diet - and hasn't looked back since.

Christy Yung
Social media strategist and designer

Christy has worked with multiple restaurants, food businesses and lifestyle brands across Asia and Australia, creating over hundreds pieces of content. She has been curating content for Spring Wholefoods since our rebranding, giving our Instagram and website fresh new looks.

Seeing food styling as a highly demanded and valuable skill in this digital age, Christy shared her tips on how to take better food shots for stronger Instagram game.

“Food styling to me is about designing the arrangement of subjects in a meaningful way to you, and more importantly, to your audience. It’s essentially about telling a story.”

She talked about how to create visually attractive pictures that will instantly create interest through a live demonstration using a sprouted banana bread with miso mayo snack using we catered that night.


No event is complete without a lovely goodie bag, thank you our sponsors for making the night happen!