Sprouted is Better Vol.1 − Increased nutrition

Sprouted is Better Vol.1 − Increased nutrition

10th Nov 2018

Sprouted is a buzzword on the current health food scene, however it has always been a major part of our philosophy. The world praises to eat more, in Spring Wholefoods, we preach eating better


Seeds are powerful! Imagine they are like the whole plant packed into a small sachet, they carry all of it required to bloom into an organism. They however are very smart, when the condition is not optimal, they remain dormant (not easily digested by) to protect themselves against animal eating them. 

When they are soaked in water for sprouting, they turn their resources (stored nutrients) into more bioavailable form for themselves, so they can use it to grow into a new plant! These ‘mobilised’ resources are essence to us humans! So to answer your question, yes we are actually taking advantage of them by tricking them to sprout! 

Here is a list of vital nutrients that get enhanced via sprouting, hit the link at the end for reference! 

- Vitamins (B, C,E, Beta-carotene & folate) 

- Minerals (calcium, copper, iron, magnesium & zinc) 

- Free amino acids (lysine, tryptophan, methionine) 

- Antioxidants 

- Non-protein nitrogen

Sprouting your grains will take up lots of your valuable time, save it and get our organic, gluten free, sprouted & fermented bread range today! Our turmeric bread contains 5 carefully selected seeds and is best to nourish your body. Use it instead of your normal toast, or any recipes require grains!