Are your products suitable for coeliac/ gluten free diets?

Absolutely! We took into account that coeliac patients cannot have the slightest contact with gluten. All our products are formulated gluten free + our workshop does not involve any glutenous materials.


Why are your products in the fridge when others are all on the shelf?

Unlike typical bread that is baked in high temperature (=>180oC), our bread range is

1. processed in low temperature to maximize nutrient retention

2. flourless

Therefore it is more moist and is best kept in fridge to prevent mold.

Our truffles are also made from fresh ingredients instead of dried, thus if you don’t consume it in a short time (which we recommend), storing it cold will help prevent mold.


Why is your bread chunky? I’m used to a lighter bread

Our bread range is flourless and we are proud of that. Flourless means the bread you get is a wholefood/ non-refined bread with maximum nutrition.

Through research, we came to the understanding that ‘wholegrain flour’ on the market is flour with added brans, therefore it has less bran and other components that the seed originally possess.


I can’t finish the whole bread in 4 days, can I store them longer?

Yes! You can pre-slice our bread and freeze them for future use. For best texture and flavor it is advised to consume within the recommended timeframe.


Why Sprouted?

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