Maca & Chilli Truffle (Box of 4)

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A mouthful warmth of spiced cacao with the power of maca. This box comes with 4 heavenly truffle balls.

The maca & chilli truffle was born as we came to realize chilli and chocolates marries each other so well! We added the famous Peruvian adaptogenic herb-maca, now this truffle is supercharged to fuel your day! 

Our silky truffle range is exclusively made from fresh coconut flesh & medjool dates. We take pride in our creation as all other producers we came across use non-fresh dried ingredients to keep cost low and extend shelf life. In Spring Wholefoods, we dedicate to most premium organic ingredients.

We recommend having these as a guilt free snack of the daily and get bulk for the awesome party that you host!


Not any ordinary chocolate protein ball!