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About Us


Spring Wholefoods was established in 2008 by wellness expert Radley Spring in Bondi, Sydney. In the beginning the organization provided nutrition & physical training workshops to promote holistic health.


Since we started producing our bread and chocolate range to our clients, the reception had been humble. Words got around and many places including cafes and health food stores wanted Spring Wholefoods products in their catalogue. Fast forward we now have over 100 stockists around the nation, changing people’s lives every day.


Today our vision is to bring you products that are versatile, pleasing and gut-loving, so you can gain more health day-by-day.








Our range is hand-crafted with slow food philosophy, gluten free, organic, vegan, sprouted & fermented. As labor intensive as it sounds, we take every step with care so you receive the finest product that nourishes you.