Our story

Spring Wholefoods is a family owned and operated, health food manufacturing company based in Sydney, Australia. 

In 2013 Spring Wholefoods sprung from it's parent company, Spring Wellness, a holistic health advocacy organisation founded by Radley Spring in 2008. Radley competed as an elite paddler and rower for 20+ years and has attained numerous national and international titles as well as a world record. Spring Wellness was born from Radley's desire to help others achieve a pain-free and high-energy lifestyle, with an emphasis on longevity. 

radley.jpgInitially preparing hampers of sprouted breads, snacks, and juices for Spring Wellness clients, retreats and well-being programs, the wholefoods portion of our business gained enormous, local popularity and was soon producing product for Sydney cafes and health food stores. 6 years ago we acquired commercial facilities and began large scale production and distribution to grocery chains and restaurants across Australia. 

We are passionate about bringing wholesome, conscientiously prepared, gut-health orientated food within the grasp of everyone who desires it, and educating those who aren't aware of it's benefits. 

Our products could be classed as artisan, "slow foods" as we prepare each ingredient over several days to ensure that ti's intrinsic nutrition is as accessible to our digestive systems as possible. For instance, seeds, legumes, grains and pulses are soaked, sprouted and fermented with probiotics over 3 days to remove enzyme inhibitors such as phytic acid and to nurture them initially into a vegetable state and finally into a highly nutritious and bio-available batter. 

All of our products are plant based and free of allergens. They're made with 100% certified organic ingredients. High in fibre and prebiotic and certified kosher.